My name is Emilie Bach. I work in art direction, color, design and painting in the animation industry. Right now i am the assistant art director on My Fathers Dragon at Cartoon Saloon.

I graduated from The Animation workshop in 2019 and have been with Cartoon Saloon since then. I worked on Wolfwalkers as a final Line Artist, drawing the backgrounds traditionally with pencils and inks. Since then I joined My Fathers Dragon, first as a Location designer and Scene Illustrator, and then now as Assistant Art Director.

In my work I love to do color,  experiment with different artstyles and writing styleguides. I can be very analytical and i love discussing and communicating how things do or do not work and why.

In my personal work I also do a lot of traditional media, especially plein air nature studies; i love the challenge and i love being out in nature.

Besides painting I spend my freetime playing music, sewing, gardening, building miniatures, silversmithing and anything else creative i can get my hands on… I want to learn how to make everything. Wish me luck!



Check my IG for recent work: https://www.instagram.com/emiliemush/

And dont hesitate to contact me, either on IG or on mail@emiliebach.dk